14 Adelaide Lookouts With Stunning Views

I have to admit, I never used to be much of a walker – but since buying our first home near the foot of the Adelaide Hills around 35 minutes north-east of the CBD, my partner and I have been doing a lot more of it in recent times.

I mean, it’s hard not to when we have some of the city’s best walking trails – such as Anstey Hill Conservation Park or Carrick Hill – only a short drive from our front door.

It’s why the north eastern suburbs are such a great place to live. If you want my full guide to Adelaide’s most affordable and liveable suburbs, you can read it HERE.

But while we’ve enjoyed trekking the trails in our own patch of the city, I wanted to see what else was out there for us to tackle next.

After trawling various South Australian websites such as Walk SA and All Trails, it’s safe to say there are HUNDREDS of trails you can enjoy across Adelaide.

I’m someone who really loves a good view – if you’re going to all the effort to hike through bushland, you at least want some sort of reward at the end of it – and I’m sure I’m not alone in that respect.

So, after doing some research, I’ve narrowed down the 14 best Adelaide lookouts that you should experience, many of them which are accessible only by hiking there.

If there’s any you think I’ve missed, let me know in the comments below! I’ll be glad to add it in.

Mount Lofty Trail Lookout

Difficulty: Moderate

As one of the most popular, and heavily trafficked walking tracks in Adelaide, the Mount Lofty Trail – situated near Leawood Gardens south east of the CBD – is 8.2km long and sees trekkers climb to 478m above their starting point.

There is wildlife right along the length of this Cleland Conservation Park trail, which traverses through the mainly stringybark forest of the Adelaide Hills, with species of blue gums and manna gums also lining the path.

The hike is very well signposted – so you don’t have to worry about getting lost – and those who have walked it say the best time to do so is in the mornings during spring or summer time, in order to get the best views over Adelaide when you reach the summit.

It will take you around 90 minutes to reach the top and only 45-50 minutes to descend, and is perfect for all ages – including kids.

More details can be found HERE.

Carrick Hill Lookout

Difficulty: Easy

Positioned near the south-eastern inner-city suburb of Kingswood – which has been one of Adelaide’s biggest growth suburbs in recent years – there are many ways to reach the Carrick Hill Lookout.

Hikers have the option of taking the Yurrebilla or Max Holbrook trails, which weave through around 26 hectares of native bushland but arrive at the summit just the same.

You may even spot some native furry friends, such as kangaroos or koalas, along the way.

If you’re looking for something to do with the whole family, the Children’s Story Book Trail is perfect and incorporates landmarks from classic tales such as Wind in the Willows, The Hobbit, Three Billy Goats Gruff, a Quidditch Tree and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

It’s definitely a perfect way to spend a sleep weekend afternoon.

More details can be found HERE.


Windy Point Lookout

Difficulty: Easy

If you’re looking to spend a romantic evening gazing out over the twinkling lights of Adelaide at night time, Windy Point is the place to be.

This popular lookout located about 15 minutes from the CBD along Belair Road has been welcoming local lovers to the lookout spot for decades.

Unlike many of the other lookouts on this list, you can easily drive to Windy Point and enjoy the stunning view of the city lights from the comfort of your car – without having to hike there.

If you want to make a big deal of the evening, you can dine in at the high-class Windy Point Restaurant, which has fine food and large, glass windows for you to enjoy the panoramic lights show while eating your meal.

More details can be found HERE.

Sugarloaf Hill to Zig Zag Hill Trail and Lookout

Difficulty: Hard

This 14.5km hike through Sugar Loaf Hill, Zig Zag Hill and Mount Lofty isn’t for the faint-hearted, with an elevation of 1009m.

If you’re looking to get a real sweat up, this walking trail will give you the workout you so desire.

During your ascent to the lookout, you’ll also pass through a perfect blend of views over Adelaide, and forest scenery.

It’s probably best to leave the kids at home for this hike, though.

More details can be found HERE.

Long Ridge Lookout

Difficulty: Moderate

Located at the peak of Mount Osmond – right near the quality Mount Osmond Golf Club, which is one of the best in Adelaide – hikers can take the Long Ridge Track and soak in sprawling views of the city and coast as they make their way towards the summit.

The trail is around 6.7km one way – meaning you’ll have to spend 2-3 hours outdoors in order to experience the stunning looks over Adelaide – but you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who says it isn’t worth it.

Walkers also have the option of descending via the Hartford Trail, to add in some extra variety – and don’t worry, all the tracks are well signposted.

More details can be found HERE.

Measday’s Lookout

Difficulty: Easy

This is another lookout you can drive to, park the car and enjoy the views without having to break a sweat.

Located near Lot 61 Mount Barker Road at Crafers – east of the CBD – all you need to do is take the Eagle on the Hill/Eagle Mountain Bike Park exit from the South Eastern Freeway, and the carpark can be found on your left.

If you wish to go for a walk, rather than simply enjoy the sights of the Adelaide skyline, the Measday Lookout to Waterfall Gully trail is a relatively easy 3.7km loop if you don’t wish to ascend right the way to the Mount Lofty summit.

More details can be found HERE.

Morialta Falls, First, Second, Third Falls Lookout

Difficulty: Moderate

Situated in the beautiful Morialta Conservation Park around 30 minutes north-east of Adelaide’s CBD, near the suburb of Rostrevor, the Morialta Falls are a must-see for those who love nature.

If you haven’t experienced this scenic trek before, you won’t be disappointed.

To reach Morialta Falls, hikers will need to take the First Fall Walking Track; to reach the First Falls Lookout, hikers will need to get there via either the Yurebilla Trail – stopping by the Eagles Nest Lookout along the way – or the Second Falls Gorge Hike, which also passes by the Second Falls and Third Falls.

All of these locations are ideal if you’re looking for a place with an awesome view.

The waterfalls are super impressive, and the beautiful native flora and fauna – including the occasional koala – will make this an unforgettable experience.

More details can be found HERE.

Chambers Gully Loop Trail and Lookout

Difficult: Moderate

Located in the Cleland Conservation Park, south-east of Adelaide’s CBD, the 10.1km Chambers Gully Loop near Mount Osmond is a popular hike for walkers.

The ascent itself is moderately challenging, but the reward once you reach the top is well worth the effort – with the views out over the city simply stunning.

Hikers can expect to see an abundance of wildlife along this gorgeous track, with kangaroos and even koalas regularly spotted along the way.

At its peak, the lookout on the Chambers Gully Track is 365m above your starting point, giving you clear panoramic views of the Adelaide Hills and the CBD below.

More details can be found HERE.

Waitpinga Cliffs Lookout

Difficult: Moderate

Located around a two-hour drive south of Adelaide, those who are looking for a coastal experience should definitely checkout the Waitpinga Cliffs Lookout near Victor Harbor.

Beginning at the Waitpinga Campground, the 11.5km section of the Heysen Trail first climbs Ridgeway Hill before taking walkers along the shoreline above the Waitpinga Cliffs all the way to Kings Beach.

The lookout makes for a perfect lunch spot, with a picnic table available to use, while there is a second viewing area further along the trail.

This hike can take up to six hours one way, so you’ll definitely need to clear your calendar for the entire day if you wish to complete it.

More details can be found HERE.

Anstey Hill (Yellowtail Loop) Lookout

Difficulty: Moderate

Found just a five-minute drive from Tea Tree Plaza – around 35 minutes north-east of Adelaide’s CBD – the Anstey Hill Recreation Park has a number of great walking trails to experience.

The most popular one, however, is the 7.5km Yellowtail Loop, which includes some steep climbs and sensational views over the Adelaide Plains one you reach the summit.

Walkers will also enjoy a bit of a history lesson as they pass by the ruins of Newmans Nursery, which was first established in 1854 before being devastated by floods in 1912.

There are breakout trails to enjoy – such as the Ridge Top Walk and Boundary Walk tracks – if you wish to add some variety to your hike, which will take around 2-3 hours to complete.

Don’t be surprised to see some kangaroos and even echidnas along the way!

More details can be found HERE.

Waite Conservation Reserve and Brown Hill Creek Lookout

Difficulty: Moderate

Stretching 9.5km in length, this walk is a good way to spend 3-4 hours of your weekend.

Located near Mitcham in Adelaide’s inner south-east, the Waite Conservation Reserve is brimming with natural grassland and wildlife – set against the stunning backdrop of the city’s skyline.

The hike – which elevates to more than 350m – can be started at either Brownhill Creek or Mcelligotts Reserve.

If you are time poor, you can shorten the walk by taking the Waite Conservation Reserve Loop trail.

Similarly, if you’re looking for a bigger challenge, you can extend the hike by tackling the monster 17.5km one-way Yurrebilla Trail, leading you through to Belair National Park and Eagle on the Hill.

More details can be found HERE.

The Bluff Lookout

Difficulty: Easy

If you’ve got a day free, the roughly two-hour drive to Victor Harbor to experience the views from The Bluff is well worth the effort.

Accessible via the short 0.8km Rosetta Trail or 6km Victor Harbor Heritage Trail – depending on how motivated you’re feeling – The Bluff offers two lookouts; one over Encounter Bay, and the other over Petrel Cove.

With an elevation of just over 100m from your starting point, this is the perfect trail for a leisurely Sunday stroll.

The walk to the bluff is dog and children-friendly, and you may even spot a dolphin or whale off shore – making this a perfect experience for the whole family.

You have the option of trekking farther along the coast to Waitpinga Cliffs if you wish to extend your hike.

More details can be found HERE.

Burnside Walks, Mountview Place Lookout

Difficult: Hard

If spending time exploring the undulating Adelaide Hills is what you have in mind – and you want to work up a decent sweat doing so – then the Burnside Walks, located near Mount Osmond Reserve south-east of the CBD is perfect.

The 11.1km circuit, which traverses through steep terrain – and at its peak reaches an elevation of over 350m – has a number of checkpoints along the way where you can stop and admire the beautiful views over Adelaide.

The loop takes in various other circuits in the area including the Toll Gate Circuit, Wheal Watkins Circuit, Themada Circuit, Beaumont Circuit and Mount Osmond Road walking trail, giving you plenty of options to extend your hike if you wish.

All the various trails are well signposted to avoid any confusion.

The longer, main loop will take you between 3-4 hours to complete.

More details can be found HERE.


Sundews Lookout

Difficulty: Moderate

The Onkaparinga River National Park – located near Hackham around a 45-minute drive from Adelaide’s CBD – possesses some of the most untouched scenery in the region.

The Sundews lookout can be reached via the 5.8km Sundews River Hike – which takes between 2-4 hours to complete – and has views stretching out over the Onkaparinga Gorge.

Along the way you’ll stop by two impressive waterholes, and get plenty of snapshots into the river gorge from different parts of the trail.

Some parts of the walk – particularly if you wish to extend your hike – aren’t clearly marked, so be sure to keep an eye out for signposted directions.

If you’re looking for an easier option, the shorter Sundews Ridge Hike can be completed in less than two hours and even has a picnic table waiting for you, where you can relax and enjoy the views over lunch while catching your breath.

More details can be found HERE.

Don’t forget to post your favourite Adelaide lookouts in the comments below!

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