Brahma Lodge Suburb Review: Is It A Good Place To Live?

Considering a move to Brahma Lodge? With hundreds of suburbs in the Adelaide area, it’s important to research the amenities, transport, crime stats and schools to determine if this is the right place for you. Read on to learn more about the area and make an informed decision.

Overview of Brahma Lodge, South Australia

Brahma Lodge is a suburb located in Adelaide, South Australia. It is situated in the City of Salisbury and is approximately 15 kilometres from the Adelaide CBD. The suburb is known for its large parks and reserves, including the Brahma Lodge Reserve, which is a popular spot for picnics and BBQs. The suburb also has a number of shops and services, including a grocery store, a post office, and a medical centre. There are also a number of schools in the area, including Brahma Lodge Primary School and Brahma Lodge High School.

Overall, Brahma Lodge is a great suburb for families and young professionals alike. It offers plenty of green spaces and amenities, while still being close to the city centre. It is a safe and friendly suburb, and a great place to call home.

What is the population of Brahma Lodge?

Brahma Lodge is a suburb of the City of Playford, situated 20 kilometres north of Adelaide’s central business district. According to the 2016 census, the population of the small residential area was 1,945 people.

What is the crime rate in Brahma Lodge? Is it safe?

In 2018-19, Brahma Lodge reported 151 offences, equating to 45.5 offences per 1000 people, which is slightly higher than the average of 43.9. The most common offences were property damage, theft, and acts intended to cause injury.

We’ve compiled the full list of crime data for every suburb in Adelaide, which lists the safest and least safe suburbs in the city. You can view it here.

What are the transport options in Brahma Lodge?

The main transport option in Brahma Lodge is by car. The suburb is serviced by the Northern Expressway and the Salisbury Highway, providing easy access to the city centre and other nearby suburbs. Public transport is also available in Brahma Lodge, with the suburb being serviced by the Gawler Central railway line and several bus routes. There are also a number of taxi and ride-sharing services available in the area.

Please be aware that transport routes, particularly bus route numbers, can change. For the most up to date information, including bus and train identification numbers and routes, check the official Adelaide Metro timetable.

What schools are located in Brahma Lodge?

Brahma Lodge is a suburb located in the City of Salisbury, close to a number of educational facilities, such as Brahma Lodge Primary School, Brahma Lodge Kindergarten, Salisbury East High School, and Salisbury East Primary School. Additionally, the suburb has a number of parks and reserves, including Brahma Lodge Reserve, which provides a playground and picnic facilities. Furthermore, the suburb is near a range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, making it a great place to live for families.

What parks and recreational facilities does Brahma Lodge have?

Brahma Lodge in Adelaide, South Australia is surrounded by a number of parks, ovals and walking trails. The closest park is the Brahma Lodge Reserve, which features a playground, picnic area, BBQ facilities and a large grassed area. Other nearby parks include the St Clair Reserve, which has a playground and a basketball court, and the Seaton Park, which has a large open space and a playground. There are also several ovals in the area, including the Brahma Lodge Oval, the St Clair Oval and the Seaton Oval. Finally, there are a number of walking trails in the area, including the Brahma Lodge Trail, the St Clair Trail and the Seaton Trail. All of these parks, ovals and trails provide a great opportunity for locals and visitors to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise.

What is the postcode for Brahma Lodge?

The postcode of Brahma Lodge suburb in South Australia is 5109.

What are some similar suburbs to Brahma Lodge?

If you’re thinking about moving to Brahma Lodge then you may also like to consider some of the other nearby suburbs to rent or buy in.

The suburbs that are adjacent to Brahma Lodge are Salisbury East, Salisbury Heights, Salisbury Plain, Salisbury Park, Para Hills West, Para Hills, Valley View, and Parafield Gardens.