North Adelaide Suburb Review: Is It A Good Place To Live?

Making a decision on where to live in Adelaide can be overwhelming, with over 380 suburbs to choose from. If you’re considering North Adelaide, it’s important to understand the amenities, transport, crime statistics and schools in the area. This information will help you make an informed decision about whether it’s the right suburb for you.

Overview of North Adelaide, South Australia

North Adelaide is a vibrant and historic suburb located in the heart of Adelaide, South Australia. It is renowned for its stunning architecture, lush green parks, and bustling café culture. The suburb is home to numerous attractions such as the Adelaide Zoo, the Adelaide Oval, and the Adelaide Botanic Garden. There is also a wide range of shops, restaurants, and bars to explore. North Adelaide is well-connected to the rest of the city with excellent public transport links, making it a great place to live. It is also a safe and friendly neighbourhood with a strong sense of community. Overall, North Adelaide is a fantastic suburb to live in with its great amenities, beautiful parks and gardens, and convenient transport links.

What is the population of North Adelaide?

North Adelaide is a suburb in the City of Adelaide, boasting a population of 4,814 people according to the 2016 Australian census. Despite being one of the smaller suburbs, it is highly sought-after due to its close proximity to the city centre.

What is the crime rate in North Adelaide? Is it safe?

In the 2018-19 financial year, North Adelaide reported 403 offences, amounting to 58 offences per 1000 people. This is higher than the average across the state of 50 offences per 1000 people. The most commonly reported offences were property damage, theft and drug offences.

We’ve compiled the full list of crime data for every suburb in Adelaide, which lists the safest and least safe suburbs in the city. You can view it here.

What are the transport options in North Adelaide?

North Adelaide has a range of transport options to get around the suburb and the city. Public transport options include the Adelaide Metro bus and tram services, which run in and around the suburb, and the O-Bahn Busway which runs from the city centre to the outer suburbs. For those who prefer to drive, North Adelaide has a number of parking options, including on-street parking and off-street parking. For those who prefer to cycle, there are a number of bike paths and bike lanes throughout the suburb. Finally, for those who prefer to walk, North Adelaide is a pedestrian-friendly suburb with plenty of sidewalks.

Please be aware that transport routes, particularly bus route numbers, can change. For the most up to date information, including bus and train identification numbers and routes, check the official Adelaide Metro timetable.

What schools are located in North Adelaide?

North Adelaide is a well-established suburb with a population of around 5,000 people. It is known for its heritage buildings, parks, and gardens, and is home to a variety of schools, including private, public, and religious schools. North Adelaide Primary School, St. Peter’s College, and St. Aloysius College are some of the most popular schools in the area. There are also a number of parks and reserves, such as the Adelaide Parklands, which are popular for recreational activities. North Adelaide is a great place for families, with plenty of amenities and activities available for people of all ages.

What parks and recreational facilities does North Adelaide have?

North Adelaide is a vibrant and beautiful area of Adelaide, South Australia, and is home to a variety of parks, ovals and walking trails. The North Adelaide Parklands are a series of interconnected parks and gardens, with a range of amenities including playgrounds, barbecues, picnic areas, public toilets, and plenty of open space. The nearby Bonython Park is a large, picturesque park with a lake, sports fields, a playground, picnic areas and plenty of walking trails. The Adelaide Park Lands Trail is a popular walking trail that runs through the city, with many sections in North Adelaide. The North Adelaide Golf Course is a picturesque 18-hole golf course with a driving range, practice putting green and a club house. The O’Connell Street Reserve is a tranquil park with a playground, picnic areas, and plenty of open space. Finally, the Adelaide Aquatic Centre is a great spot for swimming and other aquatic activities. With so many parks, o

What is the postcode for North Adelaide?

The postcode of North Adelaide is 5006.

What are some similar suburbs to North Adelaide?

If you’re thinking about moving to North Adelaide then you may also like to consider some of the other nearby suburbs to rent or buy in.

The suburbs that directly border North Adelaide are Prospect, Medindie, Collinswood, Nailsworth, and Gilberton.