Warradale Suburb Review: Is It A Good Place To Live?

If you’re considering Warradale as a place to buy or rent a home, you’ll want to know what amenities, transport, crime statistics and schools are available. With over 380 suburbs in the area, it’s important to make an informed decision about the best place to live. Read on to find out more about Warradale and decide if it’s the right suburb for you.

Overview of Warradale, South Australia

Warradale is a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia located about 10 kilometres south of the city centre. It is a residential suburb with a population of around 4,000 people. The suburb has a mix of housing styles, including detached homes, townhouses, and apartments. The suburb is well serviced by public transport, with a train station and several bus routes. There are also several schools and parks in the area.

Warradale is a great suburb for families and young professionals alike. It is close to the city centre and has plenty of amenities, making it a convenient place to live. It is also a safe and friendly neighbourhood, with a strong sense of community. All in all, Warradale is a great place to live.

What is the population of Warradale?

Warradale is a suburb of Adelaide situated 11 km southwest of the city centre. According to the 2016 census, the area has a population of 5,890. It is a predominantly residential neighbourhood, with a mix of detached homes and apartment blocks. Warradale is popular among families, retirees and young professionals.

What is the crime rate in Warradale? Is it safe?

In Warradale, there were 173 offences reported in 2018-19, which is 33 offences per 1000 people. The most frequent offences were Property Damage (44 offences), Theft (39 offences) and Assault (29 offences). Other offences included Deception (14 offences), Disorderly Behaviour (13 offences) and Drug Offences (12 offences).

We’ve compiled the full list of crime data for every suburb in Adelaide, which lists the safest and least safe suburbs in the city. You can view it here.

What are the transport options in Warradale?

Transport options in Warradale are plentiful. The suburb is served by the Adelaide Metro bus network, with regular services connecting Warradale to the Adelaide CBD and surrounding suburbs. The suburb is also close to the Grange and Glenelg train lines, providing easy access to the city centre and other parts of Adelaide. For those looking to explore further afield, Warradale is also close to the airport and major highways, making it easy to get around South Australia.

Please be aware that transport routes, particularly bus route numbers, can change. For the most up to date information, including bus and train identification numbers and routes, check the official Adelaide Metro timetable.

What schools are located in Warradale?

Located in the City of Marion, Warradale is a suburb of Adelaide that offers a range of educational programs and amenities. Home to Warradale Primary School, Warradale High School, Warradale Kindergarten, Warradale Community Education Centre and Warradale Community Learning Centre, the suburb is an ideal place to live and study. Warradale is conveniently located close to a number of shopping centres and public transport options.

What parks and recreational facilities does Warradale have?

Warradale in Adelaide, South Australia is surrounded by a variety of parks, ovals and walking trails. Warradale Park is a large park with a playground, tennis courts, a basketball court, a cricket pitch and a soccer field. There are also several ovals nearby, including Warradale Oval, which is a large grassy oval with a playground, and the Warradale Sports Ground, which is a multi-purpose sports facility. For those looking for a leisurely stroll, there are several walking trails in the area, including the Warradale Linear Park, which follows the creek line, and the Warradale-Marion Coastal Trail, which is a scenic coastal walk.

What is the postcode for Warradale?

The postcode of Warradale in South Australia is 5046.

What are some similar suburbs to Warradale?

If you’re thinking about moving to Warradale then you may also like to consider some of the other nearby suburbs to rent or buy in.

The suburbs that directly border Warradale are Seacombe Heights, Seacombe Gardens, Clovelly Park, Oaklands Park, and Darlington.