Willunga Suburb Review: Is It A Good Place To Live?

If you’re considering Willunga as a potential place to live, you’ll want to know what amenities, transport, crime statistics and schools are available. Read on to find out more about this suburb and decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Overview of Willunga, South Australia

Willunga is a small town located in the southern part of Adelaide, South Australia. It is known for its rich cultural heritage and its beautiful natural environment. The town has a vibrant arts and music scene, as well as a selection of cafes and restaurants. It is also home to the historic Willunga Markets, which have been running since 1839. Willunga is a great place to live, with a strong sense of community and plenty of activities to enjoy. It is also close to the beach, wineries and other attractions in the region. With its stunning scenery, friendly locals and convenient location, Willunga is an ideal place to call home.

What is the population of Willunga?

Willunga is a small community situated in the Fleurieu Peninsula, close to Adelaide. With a population of 2,873 according to the 2016 census, it has become a popular tourist destination due to its easy access to the city and its many attractions. Over the years, the population of the suburb has grown, with a notable influx of young families in recent times.

What is the crime rate in Willunga? Is it safe?

Willunga recorded 66 offences in the 2018-19 financial year, equating to 28.6 offences per 1000 people, suggesting a comparatively low crime rate.

We’ve compiled the full list of crime data for every suburb in Adelaide, which lists the safest and least safe suburbs in the city. You can view it here.

What are the transport options in Willunga?

Transport options in Willunga are plentiful, with a range of public and private options available. Public transport includes bus services operated by SouthLink, which run between Willunga and Adelaide, as well as connecting to other nearby towns and suburbs. There is also a train service that runs between Willunga and Adelaide. Private transport options include taxis, ride-sharing services, and car hire. Willunga is also a popular destination for cyclists, with a number of bike paths and trails in the area.

Please be aware that transport routes, particularly bus route numbers, can change. For the most up to date information, including bus and train identification numbers and routes, check the official Adelaide Metro timetable.

What schools are located in Willunga?

Willunga is a small rural suburb surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards. It is home to a number of schools, including Willunga Primary School, a public school catering to students from Kindergarten to Year 7; Willunga High School, a public secondary school catering to students from Year 8 to Year 12; Willunga Waldorf School, a private school offering a holistic education from Kindergarten to Year 12; The Willunga Steiner School, another private school offering a Steiner-based education from Kindergarten to Year 8; and The Willunga District School, a small rural school catering to students from Reception to Year 7. Finally, Willunga Early Learning Centre is a childcare centre providing care for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old.

What parks and recreational facilities does Willunga have?

Willunga, located in Adelaide, South Australia, is surrounded by a variety of parks, ovals, and walking trails. The Willunga Recreation Park is a large park with a playground, picnic areas, and plenty of open grassy areas for running and playing. The Willunga Oval is a large oval used for cricket, football, and other sports. The Willunga Hill Walking Trail is a popular 4.2km trail that takes walkers through the scenic hills of Willunga. The Wirra Wirra Reserve is a bushland reserve with walking trails, picnic areas, and a playground. The McLaren Vale and Districts War Memorial Park is a large park with a playground, picnic areas, and plenty of open grassy areas. Finally, the Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park is a nature reserve with a variety of walking trails, birdwatching opportunities, and plenty of native flora and fauna to explore.

What is the postcode for Willunga?

The postcode of Willunga in South Australia is 5172.

What are some similar suburbs to Willunga?

If you’re thinking about moving to Willunga then you may also like to consider some of the other nearby suburbs to rent or buy in.

The suburbs that are adjacent to Willunga are Aldinga, Sellicks Beach, Maslin Beach, Port Willunga, and McLaren Vale.