Safest And Least Safe Suburbs In Adelaide: Complete List

When searching for the best place to buy a home in Adelaide, one of the most important things I wanted to know was: what are Adelaide’s safest and least safe suburbs?

Based on South Australia Police crime statistics from July 2018 to March 2019, the top 10 safest suburbs in Adelaide are Mount Osmond, Erindale, Glenalta, Roselyn Park, Upper Sturt, McLaren Flat, Stonyfell, Craigburn Farm, Auldana and Teningie.

Based on the same data, the top 10 least safe suburbs are Lonsdale, Mile End South, Cavan, Parafield, Noarlunga Centre, Bolivar, Outer Harbor, Elizabeth, Dry Creek and Lightsview.

How did I come up with this data, you ask?

South Australia Police release annual crime figures, however the Excel spreadsheet in which these statistics are buried is lengthy, tedious and virtually impossible to use to compare suburbs, as it lodges each individual offence from every single Adelaide area in its own in individual row.

So, we’re talking over 70,000 offences – yikes.

For ease of reading, I spent many hours combing through the data and compiling a list of the total offences reported in each Adelaide suburb.

I then went through and found the total population for these suburbs, and divided that figure by the number of offences to determine the number of crimes committed per person in each area.

Because the population varies from suburb to suburb, the ‘crimes per person’ figure gives the most accurate representation of how many offences have been carried out across each Adelaide postcode.

The results of this were somewhat surprising, particularly when looking at the least safe suburbs, according to the data.

While the common stereotype is that Adelaide’s worst crime suburbs are located north of the CBD, the statistics dispel that myth somewhat.

Of the top 10 suburbs with the highest ‘crime per person’ ratio, three were situated south of the city, one was located west, with the remainder found in the north.

Similarly, many of the safest suburbs in Adelaide were found to the east of the city centre, towards the Adelaide Hills and away from the more metropolitan areas.

Check out the top 10 safest and least safe suburbs in Adelaide list below.

You can also scroll to the bottom of the article to see the full table list of Adelaide crime statistics.

Top 10 safest suburbs in Adelaide

1. Mount Osmond

Number of offences: 3

Population: 2375

Crimes per person: 0.001

2. Erindale

Number of offences: 7

Population: 1886

Crimes per person: 0.004

3. Glenalta

Number of offences: 12

Population: 1959

Crimes per person: 0.0061

Living in the leafy suburb of Glenalta is very safe.

4. Roselyn Park

Number of offences: 9

Population: 1460

Crimes per person: 0.0062

5. Upper Sturt

Number of offences: 6

Population: 951

Crimes per person: 0.0063

6. McLaren Flat

Number of offences: 10

Population: 1537

Crimes per person: 0.0065

7. Stonyfell

Number of offences: 9

Population: 1326

Crimes per person: 0.0068

The luxurious properties in Stonyfell are quite safe from crime.

8. Craigburn Farm

Number of offences: 18

Population: 2394

Crimes per person: 0.0075

9. Auldana

Number of offences: 5

Population: 625

Crimes per person: 0.008

10. Teringie

Number of offences: 7

Population: 820

Crimes per person: 0.0085

Top 10 least safe suburbs in Adelaide

1. Lonsdale

Number of offences: 145

Population: 29

Crimes per person: 5

2. Mile End South

Number of offences: 92

Population: 24

Crimes per person: 3.83

3. Cavan

Number of offences: 141

Population: 40

Crimes per person: 3.52

4. Parafield

Number of offences: 357

Population: 105

Crimes per person: 3.4

Parafield can be pretty rough around the edges.

5. Noarlunga Centre

Number of offences: 539

Population: 203

Crimes per person: 2.65

6. Bolivar

Number of offences: 256

Population: 269

Crimes per person: 0.952

7. Outer Harbor

Number of offences: 10

Population: 12

Crimes per person: 0.83

8. Elizabeth

Number of offences: 841

Population: 1024

Crimes per person: 0.82

Elizabeth is one of Adelaide’s notorious crime hotspots.

9. Dry Creek

Number of offences: 151

Population: 228

Crimes per person: 0.66

10. Lightsview

Number of offences: 211

Population: 327

Crimes per person: 0.64

Full list of crime data for Adelaide suburbs

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